What is Risek

This website has been started as a resource for people looking for information about a medicine called Risek. Since this medicine is not used in many western countries there are very limited resources available about it so an effort is being made to provide you with whatever information I can about this medicine. Risek is a medicine which is not marketed in the United States although it is manufactured and distributed in several countries around the world including but not limited to the following countries.

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Risek is a medicine consisting of Omeprazole as its main ingredient, this medicine is used to treat medical conditions in patients caused by excessive amounts of acid in the digestive system. Risek is especially used to treat patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease and promote in the healing and repair of a condition called erosive esophagitis, this condition is the damage to the esophagus caused by excessive acid in the system.

Risek is a very affective pharmaceutical drug also given with antibiotics to patients with gastric ulcers for the treatment of these types of ulcers. Many doctors may use this medicine to treat some other medical problems related with the digestive system. Despite its other uses this drug has been most affective for peptic ulcers.

The symptoms of gastric ulcers often do not follow the same patterns as those of duodenal ulcers. Eating can cause more pain rather than relieve it. Gastric or stomach ulcers are more likely to cause swelling of the tissues resulting to bloating, nausea and even vomiting after eating.

Proton pump-inhibitors (PPIs) are new and innovative ulcer medicines, better than the older anti-acid medicines. They stop the enzymes that allow the synthesis or formation of hydrochloric acid by the parietal cells in the stomach. Basically, the Proton pump-inhibitors slow down the secretion of HCL, its corrosive action on the protective lining in the stomach and duodenum.

Omeprazole is the oldest PPI approved for clinical use in the treatment of hyper-acidity conditions. Risek has proved, in multi-centre studies, as a once a day, before breakfast dose of 20mg capsule provides excellent results in peptic ulcer disease. Risek provides rapid relief of symptoms and reliable ulcer healing by providing a predictable 24-hour control of acid secretion. Risek also is known to help with acidity caused by other drugs especially drugs used to treat arthritis.

Risek is a very versatile drug. For dyspepsia or bouts of indigestion, 20mg capsule taken daily for two to four weeks, would relieve the symptom. For duodenal ulcers, a four-week regimen is recommended whereas, for gastric or stomach ulcers, the patient should take Risek 20mg daily before breakfast for eight weeks. Mind you, for those problematic ulcer cases in which a microbe by the name of Helicobacter pylori must be eradicated, Risek 20 mg twice daily may be combined with antibiotic like Clarithromycin.

Overall Risek is a proven medicine with minimal side affects and its benefits far outweigh those of other medicines in its category. Always consult a doctor before you take medicine, ask your doctor about Risek if you are having any of the problems stated above.